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This system shows the methods and procedures used to establish levels of performance and evaluate the staff performance in accordance with the specific objectives and tasks are measurable and achievable within a specified period of time, so that these goals be linked to the strategic direction of the federal government in general and the objectives of the party that the employee works in particular.


It is intended the concept of evaluation and performance management is to assess the performance of staff and evaluate their performance according to the results that the seek to achieve - and emanating from the strategic plan of the hand - by its employees through a commitment to the objectives and the means and measure agreed competencies them and on this basis, the performance is not a goal in itself but a means to an end and is "results" and this is seen as a performance for all practical translation in the planning stages and so on the basis of the provisions of the decree-law referred to above, such a system would lead to:


The establishment of norms and standards of performance the annual evaluation of the staff.
Determine the levels of performance that are worth about increment.
Adoption of the performance levels required for promotion.
Chart a course grievances of the results of the annual performance evaluation